The Story of Mosh Planner

When you hear or read the term Landscape Photography, what comes to mind? Do you instantly think about beautiful sceneries around the world? Do you remember what sunrises and sunsets look like? Maybe you’re telling yourself you want to travel more often and capture more images?

Whatever the answer may be, you’ll find that there is one thing in common - adventure.

Adventure is everything when it comes to landscape photography. Think about it. Yes, you go out on location to capture something beautiful to bring home as a memory, or to print and sell, but you would never do that if you didn’t like the adventure. Going out and about is not always as easy as getting from A-Z.

Some days start dark and cold but end up rewarding with breathtaking photos. Some trails can be easy, but some are so hard that they’ll make you regret you even started, but again, the reward at the end tops the hurdles. Aside from the reward, you’ll have these amazing memories of once in a lifetime adventures that if you didn’t have the passion for landscape photography, you otherwise wouldn’t experience.

It’s easy thinking that way when writing about it, but as a landscape photographer myself, I know the feelings you may experience in the real world when you’re on a photography trip (or just a quick sunset shot.)

As photographers, we don’t REALLY get to experience and enjoy our surroundings up until we go back home, see the photos we capture, edit them and seeing them through to what we think is mesmerizing. Only then, maybe, we’ll think “wow! That was such an amazing trip!”

Why is that? Because, as photographers, we don’t take the time to experience nature. We are too focused on capturing that one perfect moment so it won’t be lost forever. Makes sense.

And that elaborated opening, is the main reason why I created Mosh Planner.

I designed Mosh Planner to help you enjoy those moments when you’re out there: one with nature. When you grab Mosh Planner out of your backpack, your fingers will travel to the most important pages I that like to call “Enjoy The Moment.” Those pages will make you write down all that you experience in a given moment. As you jot down your feelings using all five senses, you’ll actually realize how lucky you are to be where you are and slowly learn to enjoy these moments before, during, and after you capture what’s in front of you.

Why Else Was Mosh Planner Created?

Have you noticed how complicated life gets? Every single year new technologies, apps and automations “come to our rescue.” It’s complicated because every single task has too many options to be done and most likely we have two to four existing ways to choose from. Then we need to sync those options with different devices and apps, get notifications from those apps, remember in which app we were most productive, what features we liked most and so on. Of course, we also have payments to make, sometimes monthly payments that add up to large sums at the end of the year.

The worst part… we don’t use more than half of these apps.

You can’t do anything with that lost money. You can’t transfer or sell your apps. If you can, let me know how. But when you get Mosh Planner and don’t use it for a year, two or ten (why did you get it?) you can simply gift it to someone else and they will love you forever.

What I’m trying to say is… make your life a bit more simple: At least when it comes to photography! You already have a bunch of gear and software to deal with.

Oh yeah, Mosh Planner. It’s designed to make planning, for your next photography adventures, simple too. All you have to do is grab your pen or pencil and write down where and when you want to go, what to photograph, what to take and so on. You know, like a planner, but for photographers.

Grab your Mosh Planner today!