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MOSH Planner

MOSH Planner Pro

MOSH Planner Pro

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    Plan Your Trips, Improve Your Skills & Enjoy Every Moment Of It!



    Mosh Planner PDF


    Durable black faux leather


    Destination Wishlist

    Photo ideas/concepts

    Gear list suggestions

    Fellow photographers

    Trips In Review

    Gear tracking

    Daily Planner

    Trip Planner

    Shot Planner

    Photo Story







    8" x 5"


    Mosh Planner Pro integrates with our membership where you can upload your photos, plans and stories as well as open discussions with photographers in our community

    Look inside (learn about the features)


    Now you can integrate Mosh Planner with our online platform. Our platform can help your stay organized and know exactly what trips each planner contains.

    The Pages Inside

    • Photo Ideas/Concepts

      How many ideas, of different locations or specific images you had in mind througout the years? If you’re anything like me, the answer is “too many”.

      Start writing those down in your new Mosh Planner and get busy.

    • Boring Important Details (BID)

      The most important things are often the most looked over things. Not because we mean to give them less attention, because we think nothing will actually happen.  In our case, as photographers, these things are the gear we carry.

      So, in case something does happen, if you lose your gear or it gets stolen, you’ll have all the details written down for an insurance claim.

    • Adventures Overview

      We decided to skip the monthly overview because this is a trip-oriented planner. Because we know you might go on as little as zero trips and as much as 1,235,214, we figured you’d like some freedom. I’m a big believer in freedom.

    • Daily Planner

      Yeah that’s right. I skipped the weekly planner completely. You’ll find that these daily planner pages are much more effective than any others you’ve seen so far. What’s the secret? Aside from having useful photography tips and space to write in, you’ll see a whopping 24 hour day schedule!

    • Photo Story

      Every photo you ever capture has a story to tell. It’s important to know how to tell it without words but often times it’s more interesting to learn how

      the shot was taken and what lead to it. People want to know what you felt right before, during and after you pressed the shutter release button. Make them drool. Make them want to know more. Make them feel like they are standing right next to you as that lightning strikes a tree three feet away from you.

    • Gear Kits

      It’s good to have a checklist (which you’ll find on a different page) but it’s great to get inspired by ready made ones. Look at these kits and decide if you need to add anything to your checklists. Maybe it will just remind you of unrelated items you totally forgot about.

    • Destination Wishlist

      We all have different kinds of bucket lists and they are all filled with so much goodness. We wish and hope for so many things, even us photographers have our own bucket list type. We call them destinations. In these pages you must write all the destinations you wish to visit and photograph or photograph at. I said you must, because it’s more likely to happen if it’s written down and you see it all the time.

    • Fellow Photographers

      Yeah, sure, you have smartphones. You have no idea (maybe you do) how powerful a written contact can be. You know, in case your phone is dead, lost, stolen, dead, broken… dead.

      There are a few more pages but you should just buy Mosh Planner and find out what they are. Or go to our website.

    • Trip Planner

      These are the two most important pages you’ll fill out before going on your trips and when planning your next adventures. The pages will help you know your destination, its weather conditions, sun times, moon phases and a list of things you should take with you, from gear and clothing to food and important items.

    • Location Scouting

      Location scouting is very important for achieving a superior landscape portfolio. Some photographers go to a single location dozens of times just to get the perfect sunset/sunrise conditions.

      MOSH Planner can help you record all the important details when you go out scouting or when you’re just out and about and stumble upon a location that inspires you.

    • Travel / Contacts / Contests

      Oh that’s right, you have a smartphone. That’s OK, I don’t care, in a chance that at least one person holding this planner in their hands, don’t have one. Or maybe they lost it on the way to New Zealand.

      What other reasons can I give you? Let’s see: your battery died, you forgot your security code, you forgot to actually put down the information in your phone, your travel notes suddenly got deleted for no damn reason, your girlfriend is playing an exciting game on it and if you’ll take it from her your trip will be over just like her game, you’re on an important phone call and you don’t have headphones and you can’t put the call on speaker, you dropped your phone in the airport’s toilet and even though it’s water proof you have to admit it stinks, your phone decides to update itself out of the blue and you can’t use it until it’s done… Damn! Our phones suck! So… Travel / Contacts. Thank me later.

      Contests… What can I tell you about contests? Some of them are simply a scam, there’s no argument there but some of them are so awesome because you can win high-end equipment and thousands of dollars, but the truth (to some of us) is that we just want to see our photos published in magazines and on huge ass billboards. Some contests will make that happen.

      Through these pages you’ll be able to track what photo contests you enter and how they progress. If you ever get scammed on one of them, let it go and invest your energies on more positive actions. Yeah, I’m talking from experience. That’s the great thing about having a planner for photographers made by a photographer – I CAN RELATE!

    • Shots & Moments

      We don’t always plan our shots and how they’ll come out. Many times it’s due to nature and the fact that it’s not as predictable as we want it to be (Predicting the weather doesn’t always help), so when it’s not up to the weather to decide what our photos will look like it’s up to us, and if we plan correctly we’ll get the pictures we want the world to see. We are artists after all, don’t forget that.

      As photographers, as absurd as it may sound, we don’t get to enjoy those once in a lifetime moments we experience. We are there, in the moment, be we’re too focused on capturing it for everyone else to imagine how that moment felt to us.

      I urge you to be in the moment while capturing your next images. I urge you to take MOSH with you. Describe what you hear and smell, what emotions erupt, what’s the weather like, what you’re learning… And then, press the shutter release button.

      OK. OK. You should probably press the button before, so you won’t lose that shot.