At The End of A Lunar Eclipse

Thanks to my buddy, Wink, I had the chance to experience a phenomena that will happen again when I'll be 61 or so.

The Super Moon Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse was really a remarkable experience.

Since we are living in Los Angeles we went up to Mount Wilson where we found the perfect spot. Literally the edge of the world.

We were the first to be at that spot and then, slowly, more and more photographers arrived and we ended up being about 15 photographers in one little spot.

No competition or bad manners, only helped each other. It was quite fun!

We had so many clouds cluttered and covering the beautiful moon and we were somewhat disappointed but now that I see photos online, most of them look the same, which make our photos different and more unique. No offense to anyone of course.

Although, as beautiful the moon was, this photo has no moon in the frame since it was the last photo of the night. The moon above had such a strong light that it lit this chain of mountains so an exposure of 15-20 seconds was enough to capture the beautiful scene, including the stars and the clouds.

When was the last time you witnessed something so beautiful?

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