Pisa by The River

In March, while visiting Florence, Italy, we decided to go visit the city of Pisa which is not too far away. About 45 minutes from the central area of Florence.

Since we didn't rent a car or wanted to take the potentially costly public transportation we tried a ride sharing service, similar to Uber. Of course we didn't come up with it ourselves, our nice AirBnB host suggested it and guide us through. The ride share is called Blah Blah Car. Funny ha? The ride was nice and the driver (who is a local) was nice and educated us about different topics.

After visiting the leaning tower of Pisa we took our time and just walked along the Arno river, which goes a long way. Even though the weather was kinda wintery (our fault really), you know; cloudy, rainy, somewhat dark and bluish, we had fun exploring around and seeing new sights. I can't give all the credit to the "bad weather" though, have to share some love with the sun that said "hi" from time to time.

When we were walking along the river, on the way back to our meeting point to go back to Florence, I notice this beautiful little town like scene reflected on the almost still river water. All the bad thoughts and curses, about a crapy weather, disappeared in 1/30 of a second, which was the time took to capture the beauty. The blue and grey sky contrasting with the yellow sun coming from afar gave the moment an epic mood. A mood I would go back to in a heartbeat.

This is our Pisa By The River.

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