The hike back from the inside of the sand dunes field is always the toughest.

Arriving at Mesquite Sand Dunes for the first time was definitely a memorable adventure, especially since we didn't know we'll see such field before we get to Death Valley National Park.

We parked the car in Mesquite Sand Dunes parking lot, grabbed my camera gear and head out into the sands.

We had so much fun running up and down the dunes finding all kinds of interesting compositions of abstract scenery. The running up and down was pretty tiring since some of the dunes were very tall. It first glance you think to yourself, "this should be easy", but half way up you're already breathless.

After a couple hours of excitement, with sand up our ears, it was time to get back to the car and continue our journey. That's when I captured this image. A simple, quiet and beautiful dune snaking out from where I stood to the outskirts of Mesquite Sand Dunes.

The dune was scarred by a few people who walked on it earlier but I knew the scars will disappear soon because the wind started blowing and most of the tourists and photographers were on their way out of the field. It was time for Mother Nature for rejuvenation.

That was the last photograph I captured that day. The way back was very tiring after climbing up and down trying to satisfy our curiosity to see what's around the corner. Now, all we wanted was to get to the car and head out, so all we did was hike back. It was a constant walk from the deep of the field, across some very tall sand dunes, and rest was not an option.

This is why the hike from the inside of the sand dunes field is always the toughest.

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